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May 23 2018




Wasn’t iCarly that guy with the wax wings that flew into the sun and fucking got rest because same

I just realized my phone corrected Icarus to iCarly because I type iCarly more than Icarus okay thanks

I thought this was just a god tier shitpost


Why Peter Grant is Batman*

  • Thomas Nightingale: ‘100 year old nuclear weapon in a 3 piece suit’ (quoth @thebaconsandwichofregret)
  • Beverley Brook: Literal Goddess
  • Tyburn and all the other Rivers: also literal gods and goddesses, but older and scarier
  • Molly: exiled Queen of the Fairies
  • Martin Chorley: actual real live supervillain
  • Lesley May: supervillain-in-training, magic face-changing powers, possessed by the ghost of a god????
  • Varvara Tamonina: professional henchwoman and immortal Russian witch
  • Peter Grant: goes toe-to-toe with all of the above as friends/colleagues/mortal enemies mostly by virtue of his intelligence, detective skills, and inventive use of technology, has acquired/semi-adopted a teenage sidekick, absolutely hates guns, would rather talk people down than get into fights with them

QED, thank you for coming to my TED talk.

*But, like, approximately a million times less angsty. And rich. And we’re definitely talking 90s TV show Batman here not any of the Frank-Miller-esque versions.

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Posting this here because someone might just find this relatable. A comic I drew as therapy, to help me get over some big creative issues I’ve been dealing with recently. Hope it can help some of you as well.

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my mood, at any given moment of the day: Circe by Wright Barker, 1889

May 22 2018

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Poppy Party by Batu Balkanli

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Elementary 1.24  //  Killing Eve 1.05

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Oscar de la Renta | Fall/Winter 2018

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Νύξ : Nyx “Night”, goddess of the night

twitter - ig - prints

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Osaka & Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden, Japan | instagram

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Welcome to the Folly!

May 21 2018

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He wanted to go home. He wanted it so much that he trembled at the thought. But if the price of that was selling good men to the night, if the price was filling those graves, if the price was not fighting with every trick he knew… then it was too high.
It wasn’t a decision he was making, he knew. It was happening far below the areas of the brain that made decisions. It was something built in. There would be no universe, anywhere, where a Sam Vimes would give in on this, because if he did he wouldn’t be Sam Vimes any more.

Terry Pratchett, Night Watch (via danceadicklessjig)

#I love how this book is like 90% sam vimes being sam vimes#Sam vimes becoming Sam vimes#Sam vimes never being anything else other than Sam vimes#Sam vimes ft. Sam vimes as they maintain firmly Sam vimes#with occasional appearances of Sam vimes who is still#and will forever be#Sam vimes#starring Sam vimes#directed by Sam vimes#costume design by Sam vimes#with special thanks to Sam vimes#who would like it take this opportunity to remind#what it means to be Sam vimes#and it means - of course - Sam vimes#(and perhapsthat’s why I love it so much) (tags via blackboardmonitor)

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The universe is indifferent. We ought not to be.

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